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Kavita Shukla: Winnovating Sustainable Food

Posted on Nov 18, 2013 by in Social Justice |

FreshPaper:  Winnovating Sustainable Food
Kavita Shukla:  Winnovating ways to keep your food fresh!

Kavita Shukla: Winnovating ways to keep your food fresh!

With Thanksgiving approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about food and a lot about leftovers.  I’m not a big Turkey eater on the actual day, but I do wonders with my leftovers.  I love me some Turkey curry.  The travesty of thanksgiving is that many leftovers will go to waste in fridges around the country.  That is, if people aren’t using Freshpaper.

Freshpaper:  The Dryer Sheet for Produce

Freshpaper: The Dryer Sheet for Produce

I recently learned of Kavita Shukla‘s game-changing invention.  Freshpaper, a dryer sheet for produce, keeps fruit and veggies fresh 2-4 times longer just by dropping a piece of Freshpaper into a fridge drawer or a fruit bowl.  How did Kavita dream up the idea behind Freshpaper?  It was a long time coming.

As a child, Kavita was given her grandma’s home-made remedy to help prevent her from getting sick during her visit to India.   In middle school, she started experimenting with her grandma’s remedy and discovered that it had the ability to keep food fresh.  Years of development and perseverance led to Freshpaper‘s eventual global success.

Richard Branson uses Freshpaper, so should you!

Richard Branson uses Freshpaper, so should you!

Kavita’s goals are more than mere profits.  She runs her business, Fenugreen, as a social enterprise. For every pack that is bought, Fenugreen gives a pack to a community in need.  They give Freshpaper to food pantries and food banks here in the U.S. to help them preserve their food, and they also make Freshpaper available to communities around the world where refrigeration is not possible.  Sheet by sheet, Kavita is working to achieve her dream “Fresh for all.”

​Watch Kavita’s inspirational TedX presentation, follow her on twitter, and visit Fenugreen to learn more.

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